8 Points

It was sad to watch; your

Wild life ether


There on the pavement’s edge.

Eight points knocked off

Clean; soft fur like my dog.

A moment like that

Cold hand

Dark-eyed lesson;

Slow down.



Is your life rushing on

In webs of thought

The slushy past

And what if futures?


Be on the road; awake

As roads are shared

With those

Who do not see

Our armored rush.


Did you know life had value?

Yours and mine.

And also those who

Run and dream on

Paws and

Wings and



© Angela Bigler 2013





photo credit: jerbec via photopin cc

18 Summers (for Audrey)


There have been 18 lovely summers


Think of all the beaches where you walked

And how the sand tucks between toes

The salt air scent


The world can make you new

In any moment

Wake and spread your fingers

Towards the sun


Just start again

That is the trick

To keep on moving


May the path unfold before you

Clear and shining

Like your heart


May you feel her sworn protection

Nourished roots, the warming wind

Her gentle peace among the waves and rain


May your breath carry you through

Along with your clear vision

And your heart and light and strength


May purest love surround you

A centered, fluid flame

Inside and out


May you laugh and smile and dance

May you take the time for peace

And brilliant dreams


May you speak all of your truths

And sing your songs

May you let yourself be seen

For all your light


May you love and be loved back

In balance and in care

The treasures of the spirit

Shining through


There have been 18 lovely summers

Or beats of the world heart

Or years of the great earth

Where we’ve been blessed


Today you start again

Another turn towards the sun

That  life heart dance



© Angela Bigler 2013




photo credit: ashley rose, via photopin cc





If she could think herself sane

She would follow god maps

To clean, tempered planes

Even-keeled, deepening rests.


She’d soften her mind

On grass-fed rains

Her feet pressed

In long settled earth.


Maybe there is a way.


Sometimes the paint

Clings to her skin

Long after the brush

Pushes in.


Perhaps she drenched herself

There in the flecks

Where she can be colors

And rays.


And you wonder how

She imagined.

How she swept through

The taut pain.


If she could breath out

Through the frame

She would sing

And you would believe

She was sane.


© Angela Bigler 2013






photo credit: deflam via photopin cc



What were their words

When they left the king?




Happiness pursuits


Sometimes we forget

This intention

Of light


I know they forgot

Half the nation

At least

But insert yourself

Into the Meaning


You deserve





Your crown is yourself

Now be free


© Angela Bigler 2013



photo credit: fiddle oak via photopin cc


I am thrilled to be the recipient of 2 blog awards! I am new to this blog scene so it fills me with a delightful, fluttery feeling in my heart to be nominated!

From the amazing blogger Megan at http://meganhasocd.com/ I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award.


From the fantastic blogger Gwen, the 4 AM Writer at http://gwenstephens.wordpress.com/ I have been nominated for the Liebster Award for up and coming bloggers.


I have been instructed to share some interesting things about myself:

I took one flying lesson in a Cessna.

I spend more time with animals than people.

I quit smoking about 3 years ago.

I love art and taking photographs. Sometimes I paint but I can only paint abstract things and not anything that is supposed to look like something.

One of my most favorite books: The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

Currently reading: Swamplandia by Karen Russell

Currently listening to: Arcade Fire Funeral

Favorite Color: Purple – I can be seen nerding out in too much purple when walking the dogs

Guilty pleasures: George Takei feed on Facebook, Little House on the Prairie


For The Versatile Blogger Award:


http://biljanazovkic.wordpress.com/ Whose poems and paintings are amazing

http://brokenlightcollective.wordpress.com/ All submissions are from photographers living with or affected by mental illness and its all beautiful and thought provoking

http://disappearinginplainsight.com/ Francis Guenette’s site is full of fabulous thoughts on writing, her life, and glorious photographs – many from her lovely home in British Columbia.

http://nedhickson.wordpress.com/ Ned makes me laugh and that makes me happy.

http://throughtheluminarylens.wordpress.com/ Bruce not only takes stellar photographs but takes you on a thoughtful journey of places and ideas. 

I nominate this fine blog for the Liebster Award. 


http://drivelikejayhu.wordpress.com/ Jay is a wordsmith extraordinaire. He’s got that razor sharp wit I love!


I am nominating this blog for being inspiring:


http://leveluphealth.wordpress.com/ Lucas suffered a spinal injury in December 2011. On his blog he shares his road to recovery and takes the time to lift up everyone who stops by.

Thank you for visiting. I hope you are inspired to check out these great blogs.


Redwood Dream



Dreaming takes down

The light curtain

Bathes us with visions of pregnant earth

Her life, her dreams


If we could listen in

Hear her whisper in the trees

See the color in their dreams

Those monolithic earth whale redwoods


Go see them in your heart

When you cannot feel their leaves

Or bark

Or roots




She meets us there

That sacred

That vision

That rooted beauty


Folds our prayers

Into her soft bark

Her singing leaves

Her living roots


Us to strength


Footstep by footstep

Connected in

Her graceful image





All of them


These waking walking earth dreams


© Angela Bigler 2013

photo credit: Lotus Carroll via photopin cc