For Bailey


If I were like you I would dive in nose first,

and bark and protect and attack.

I would cover the house in layers of fur

so you could forever breath me.


Now your fur is up in the trees;

tucked in the crows’ beaks,

they built the spring nests,

warmed their eggs in your softness;

the chicks hatch in your wolfy fleece.


I imagine you curled up asleep while I dream

and you eating apples with me.

When I watch the birds, you are hunting;

When I walk the block, you’re ahead.


They talk about seasons and life and its wheel;

I hate it and I want you back.

I want to be nuzzled,

I want to be loved the way you love;

The way no one can.


All I can do is go on just like you;

snout first and crazy and free.

Never give up or be caged

or behave.

That’s what my Bailey taught me.





© Angela Bigler 2014


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